Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Digital Book Expo

Wednesday Jan 26 will be sessions on the future of children's publishing in the digital world! Can't wait to see what they say.

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Year - same old slog

I have been in a slump since November! The lack of light is never fun but my writing seems flat and un-fun. Pointless since The Evil Market of Doom has steadfastly rejected all my attempts to Scale its Golden Walls since 2000! So I am lacing up the Jogging Shoes of Tenacity and signed up for the SCBWI February picture Book Marathon. At least I'll have some new stuff to reject...and my critique group will be fully employed.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Writing in The New Year

The New Year is here, and I feel refreshed. I don't make resolutions though, because they never seem to come to fruition, I'll just try to keep writing.

I recently attended the first Pitchalooza at Anderson's Bookstore in Naperville, and the event was great for pushing me forward to keep going. There was a huge crowd, and three publishers as well as the author's of The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published, Arielle Eckstut and David Henry Sterry. About 25 of the 160 or so people in attendence had their number called and stood up in front of the publishers to pitch their ideas. One of my fellow bloggers and I were lucky enough to have our numbers called. I don't think I've ever been that nervous before, but I spoke and survived.

I learned a lot about pitching your ideas:

1. Listeners will pick up on one or two words to get the feel of your whole book, so choose your words carefully.

2. The words you choose should be exciting, and grab their attention right away.

3. Compare your idea to a book or author that's popular.

4. Don't say how engaging or intriguing the story is, show them through your writing (which is very difficult in one minute.)

5. Practice being engaging to the audience.

6. My pitch needs a lot of work.

The authors of the guide seem genuinely helpful, as so many writers do, and I'm grateful for that. Here's to a great year in writing! Thank you Write 6 for all of your inspiration.