Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Looking in the Chrystal ball.....

Facebook say....#1 A breakthrough! I spent all of December following up on agents and editors I met at conferences. I am ready! (FB also predicted I'll win the lottery. Of course Illinois does not have the funds to pay out and I don't play, but....)

Of course that will mean some serious writing and social media platform building. Editing, editing, editing. And the fun of meeting with great critique groups!

Why? Because there is a story inside that can touch the life of a child somewhere and the gnawing to write it will not stop! And I like cow noises.....

Happy new year to writers everywhere!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Reviews are pouring in!

SOME of us have known since 2008 that the Tailors was the Christmas story of a lifetime! Now the world knows. We are so proud of our own JB Michaels!

Tip of the Icicle! See more at


Friday, December 18, 2015

Writing Plans for 2016

12x12 Challenge to write 1 picture book and make 1 revision every month

Rate Your Story with the chance for 18 editorial critiques of picture books

ReFoReMo a month of analyzing 5 picture books a day

NaPiBoWriWee a week of developing a picture books every day

SCBWI-IA Spring Fling and Prairie Writers

2 spectacular monthly critique groups

maintain FB author page weekly

update blogs Peek in the Nest and The Write 6 weekly

Who else has plans?

Friday, December 4, 2015

Conference Follow Up

I went to two conferences recently - one in person and one online - where agents and editors agreed to look at one piece from each person attending who would submit according to their guidelines. So the last few days I have been compiling a spreadsheet of who wants an attachment, or a form or "in the body of the e-mail," plus going over all my notes to see which one might like "Lizards Got Talent" and which is better for "How to Get a Dog in 10 Easy Steps." Then each manuscript has been given one last go over. Now to customize the cover letters to include specific things they said at the conference! But if by mid-month I have 8 new queries out that will by pass the slush pile (or in some cases get in the door without an agent), and if only 1 of them hits the right person at the right time....We'll drink to that!