Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Back in class

We have reassembled ourselves to where there is less coffee and more instruction! Carmela welcomed the Write 6 (yes - all 6 of us!) back to her next critiquing series at the Peabody Estate in Oakbrook. How nice to be back in the rambling - if spooky - house! We added some interesting new faces around the table, too: Glenn, Jen, Julie and Sarah.

Of course our critique is more structured again - we had gotten a little lax about interruptions. I threw in a February marathon piece called Fluffy Fortune for the first go round. Lots of good help and encouragement. I did the written critique on it as everyone else did and, by the time we talked about it, I had changed the title character's name. Picture books are always a balance of too much descriptions vs too little action vs too many talking heads. They gave me some good ways to tie up the story and I am anxious to rewrite.