Friday, December 4, 2015

Conference Follow Up

I went to two conferences recently - one in person and one online - where agents and editors agreed to look at one piece from each person attending who would submit according to their guidelines. So the last few days I have been compiling a spreadsheet of who wants an attachment, or a form or "in the body of the e-mail," plus going over all my notes to see which one might like "Lizards Got Talent" and which is better for "How to Get a Dog in 10 Easy Steps." Then each manuscript has been given one last go over. Now to customize the cover letters to include specific things they said at the conference! But if by mid-month I have 8 new queries out that will by pass the slush pile (or in some cases get in the door without an agent), and if only 1 of them hits the right person at the right time....We'll drink to that!

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