Friday, November 27, 2015

The ONLY book you will need this Christmas!

Here it is - on Amazon and ready to give your Christmas spirits a real lift!

Your children ages 5-12 are tired of the same old Christmas books. Or you would love to start a new tradition of family reading with a heartwarming but adventuresome holiday story they have NOT heard before.

Welcome to the tiny magic world of the Tannembaum Tailors! It is their job to keep the tree safe and holiday spirits joyful for the entire season. Most year it is easy. But in one house one year....that's where the story begins. From there we travel to the heart of it all - the North Pole for some gripping action and make-you-gasp adventure as the Tailors rush to save Christmas.

JB Michaels is a teacher, father and charter member of the Write 6!


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