Saturday, September 18, 2010

Goodbye Summer!

This picture from Words in The Woods seems like it was taken long ago, before the chaos that was summer. Ah summer; kids at home, visitors, vacations, parties. Life as I knew it stood still for a few months. Yes, my writing was stagnant. Non-existent, really. I look back and wonder where the time went. The only thing I accomplished over the
summer was depleting my bank account. But those months were filled with good times and now I am renewed and energized to work on my manuscript again.

The break wasn't a complete bust, I was able to visit Gettysburg which gave me a feel for the time period when some of my story takes place, and I did buy some good research books. Maybe I'll even use some of the creepy things that happened on that trip in a future YA ghost story.

I think everyone needs time away to re-group their thoughts and ideas. I guess I am fortunate that I'm not getting paid and don't have a deadline. Although it sure would help the empty wallet syndrome. My dream: to effortlessly get through the rest of my manuscript, immediately find an agent or an editor that is dying for it, get published, and get paid so I can write the plethora of ideas swimming around in my overactive brain. Hey, a girl can dream.

By the way, my fellow writers and I typically have better fashion sense, the picture was taken before a costume party.


  1. Did the fact that I arrived to our last couple of meetings cause me to miss the stories about the creepy things that happened in Gettysburg?

  2. yeah, the creepy things sound interesting! thanks for sharing a pic which i have been dying to see of you all. i guess instead of sharing only the cute products of my labor with you guys, i should have also emailed a picture of the "process"--me moderately huge wearing a "twins rule" shirt or my little boy talking to my stomach or the really grotesque one of me right before i left for the hospital. you are so honest in your posts. i really feel like you have to have that honesty to write. i am thrilled that your summer has left you feeling renewed and look forward to catching up on your stuff. my summer has left me the opposite!