Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Universe Conspires!

But I am not defeated! The laptop - my writing connection at Panera - decided to give up the ghost. Aaaaaaa! Paper and pen and then input at home. Now I am off to Florida (Yeah - well save the pity!) where that was the plan anyway, but it is not my preferred method! However it will force me to WRITE rather that RESEARCH. The Fairies are still in limbo, but I finished "Three Goats Out on a Limerick".


  1. love the title! are you back from florida? you are a star continuing to write whilst traipsing about. although i wonder if you will come back inspired to write one of your edutainment pieces--i think i have read about the arctic with tuk-tuk, the southwest with victor, wagons rolling across the prairie, and the outback? might there be an alligator in the everglades we come to know? My sincere sympathies on the laptop--it can be a nuisance and it can also be downright tragic!

  2. Ah the Husband of Wonderfulness has called the laptop back from the brink agin! Yee-ha!