Wednesday, March 2, 2011


It is sort of a post-natal crash - just gave birth to 26 new stories in 28 days. My laptop is cooling off, but I still wake up wondering "what next?" What next is tweaking and editing. They may all be really garbage, but they are written! So I'll start re-working 4 for Peabody Critique:
Goodnight, Pink
Where is the Green Moose?
My Mama is a Lawyer
First Steps

Inspiration for Goodnight, Pink

Inspiration for First Steps

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  1. i felt the same about my research project from grad school when it was done after a year and a half from concept to executing, to analyzing, to writing up, to presenting, (then later editing for publication)--that i had given birth to something. it was a year and and a half of the intensity of a-picture-book-a-day-for-a-month. and believe me, after all that, i found a way to work the topic of school violence into any, absolutely any, conversation any place, any time! my hard-earned knowledge and conclusions would not go to waste whether conversation companions were particularly interested or not.