Friday, February 15, 2013

Days 10 and 11

Yes I am not caught up yet for Day 15! But I am working from AZ now, and the relatives keep talking! It is all good.
Anyway I did a couple more Page Turner stories on the magi seeking Jesus and the people of Israel wandering around the desert. But the fun one was yesterday I learned about ledger art. Hopi children were taken to boarding school in Pennsylvania. The only paper they had was donated by the Army and it was accounting ledger paper. The exhibit I saw was pictures the children had done on this ledger paper. The pictures were very "boy" lots of arrows and shooting and fighting and horses.
In the village they drew on scraped leather and to make a new drawing they had to scrape off the old one. At the school they first got slates and chalk which had to be erased. So I wrote about a boy who gets ledger paper and colored pencils and for the fist time his art is not erased so he signs it with his new americanized name. It is so fun to learn new things!

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