Saturday, June 8, 2013

Woohoo! I found my google password! Robin, excellent job of continuing to blog! Now to switch over to your Thailand blog whilst you are missioning...

The crazy thing is, members of this blog have actually been writing--not as prolifically as they would like, but still trying to get some in. Ellen and Monta have added chapters. Urania, as always, begins another fascinating tale. Jim has been working at hard at revising, and apparently the bathtub inspires revelations about these revisions. It looks to be a very busy summer for the Peabodies (Write 6), but writer irons are still in the fire. Mine are still firing in my head.

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  1. Oh! And Robin is a champ! She has been writing and revising and getting feedback and critiques from agent-y/editor-y types. Yet she still asks for our opinions, too!