Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Mentor texts

There are a lot of books out there! The ReFoReMo collects useful texts from the mounds of sludge - that somehow got published! My list of the library reserves is lengthy again....

This week I looked at books on divorce - a much more common experience for young children than family death. Every single one I saw began after the family messiness was over! Two homes were established with cute rooms, favorite toys, fun fun fun with each parent every day. No remarriage or new siblings. No desire to be together on holidays. No weird parental behavior. Gaps to be filed with reality!

In Iowa I polled the grandblessings about favorite picture books. The 9 year old loves Patricia Polacco and the 6 year old gave me some great books just pulled off the shelf. They both loved Moo! by David LaRochelle. I'll read that to the Headstart kids next week and see if they are as excited!

5 books a day for 31 days! And some time for silliness, too.....

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