Sunday, May 16, 2010

Chocolate Rewards

There is always some part of me that wants life to leave me the h*ll alone, so I can write. I think that if I had all the time in the world, every moment will be spent doing what I really love to do. But the funny thing is, when I finally get the opportunity to write, and I feel as if I have nothing but time, guess what? I do nothing. Writing in the midst of distractions helps me appreciate and enjoy those precious moments that come alone, when I am able to pound the keyboard. When I am busy and unable to write, I miss my characters; I think about them, even dream about them. And finally, when I am able to sit down with them, I feel like a chocoholic whose just been given the key to the city of Hershey, Pa.

But the funny thing is, no matter what, I still wish that I had all the time in the world. I always think that next time will be different. That I will work from sun up to sun down, when I do get that day of solace and I have nothing to do but think and write. But guess what? It never happens. I just create more distractions; surf the internet a little, watch a little televison, get a little reading, oh, and write a sentence or two.

So I say give me my distractions, the kids, the husband, the phones calls from friends who constantly ignore my plea of "Call me back later, because I am trying to write." Because when I finally do sit down to write, I will more than likely write several pages, because at this moment every word and every minute counts. And while I am writing away, I will try my best not to get any chocolate on my keyboard.


  1. that is true about missing your characters and thinking about them--like you need to check in with them and see what they're doing! this is way way TMI but your title of chocolate rewards made me laugh--my husband literally feeds me those little Dove chocolate "rewards" while i am breastfeeding! especially when i am doing both babies at the same time.

  2. Be careful with that chocolate while you are breastfeeding. Too much and you will have two colicy (is that a word?) babies. Seriously!

    I noticed that my son would get really irritated after feedings when I'd eat M&m's, but I guess that common sense should have told me not to eat the whole family sized bags in one sitting, almost daily! But I'm sure you're as greedy as I was.

    My doctor said it was definitely the chocolate coming through the milk causing the problem. I think he said it was the caffeine in it.

  3. I find myself creating distractions all the time. Are we all suffering from ADD?