Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What doesn't distract?

Writing is about dedication. The dedication to finding time and then when you have that time to revel in it and not allow yourself to be distracted too easily. Distractions include how exhausted you may be, a fun game, friends, kid's needs (not kids because kids are awesome), television, everything.

Every day we are bombarded with so much information, advertising, and ever-evolving technology and sometimes this engulfing maw of modern life can dominate us. It can subjugate our lives but it can be beaten back with the mighty forces of motivation and persistence! Once you have beaten distraction back with the might of Thor's hammer you can observe the distractions and pick them apart and find what is useful! I don't know about you but some of my distractions serve as my inspiration.

So instead of beating yourself up for being distracted ask yourself what can I take from this experience of losing focus? What is it about this dumb show that I am enjoying? Then go write about it.


  1. Spoken by a fellow dyslexic ADAD...oh, look! A chicken!

  2. Amen Robin.


    I'm going to try to take you advice, and see if I can find something "useful" in picking my toddlers nose, but hey you never know.

  3. that is a good question to ask--what can i take from this experience of losing focus? unfortunately for me, it is not distractions of too much info or needs and errands here and there. it is more like total life change (you know that chart of life stressors in a year's time? i am sure i am way over my limit) in many different ways, plus some physical limitation and recovery. i haven't even been able to read the write 6's recent stuff let alone write anything of my own. staying connected to you guys is my "what i can take from it at this time," so THANK YOU!