Thursday, May 20, 2010

There's Always Tomorrow

I was abducted by an alien. I have amnesia. I broke all my fingers in a freak accident. There are lots of excuses why I haven't written much lately. Ok, so those reasons aren't true, but the real reason is much more uninteresting. There's really no good reason. Like Urania I think I have all the time in the world. "Oh, I'll write this afternoon." Somehow that time never comes, and I never seem to get anything done. I could call it writers block, but that wouldn't be totally true. It's just plain old procrastination. I'm not proud of it, but isn't admitting it the first step to overcoming the problem? Yes, I'm a procrastinator. There I said it, am I cured now? Maybe I need an intervention. Maybe there's a Procrastinators Anonymous. I'll look into it tomorrow.


  1. Funny Ellen! you worked really hard for a stretch--many re-writes and points of view experiments and all sorts of things--to get ready for the retreat and for group meetings. it's ok if you're taking a you have people to poke and prod you if you're not getting back into it!

  2. Yes, I agree sometimes you need to step back and evaluate, or just take a rest. I've been doing the same thing the last couple of weeks while I've been trying to decide which direction to go in.

    Anyways, we are your intervention!

  3. I sometimes don't write because I am scared to death to look at my own stuff. Ugh.