Monday, June 7, 2010


We assume the best feedback comes from our Blog Buds when we meet once a month for critique night. But who else?

My spouse is very kind and gracious - heck he said my sermons were good every single week! So he has figured out his role is to be supportive but not critical.

For that I have to turn to my children. Child A is an artist and writer himself so he is ready to share his opinion on story lines that are too cutesy, rhymes that do NOT work, art that would gag a maggot. Child B is a lawyer.perfectionist and can stop a typo or comma issue that I am waaaaay too close to see.

Lately I am looking to the grandchildren for authentic feedback as well. Can the three year old be spellbound by the "Princess and Too Many Kittens" without having pictures? What does the seven year old really think of the Lizard's Talent Show?

I had a chance to work with Harold Underdown in a workshop recently and his feedback was terrific. The kids, however, are cheaper.

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  1. You are a star! glad you are home safely. can i borrow the phrase "gag a maggot"?