Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Getting over yourself

When I first started writing seriously. I was naturally scared that my writing would be horrible or that people would hate it. I was very territorial with my writing. It was as if I wrapped my writing in swaddling clothes and kept it close to my chest growling at all who come near. Over time and with every successive rejection and or new book on the world of publishing, I let go of my insecurities and let others read and critique my work. I realized that it can only help no matter how harsh a critique group may be. They were not harsh. (I am lucky because I have heard horror stories.)

The feedback I received has been both constructive and fun to work with. The reviews I get from family and friends has been constructive as well and not all roses and praise. I specifically asked them not to be just nice about it but to be tough on it. Some were tougher than others.

I also know in my heart that the writing can be great but the story can be bland. I am confident by letting others read and critique that my work that what hooks them is the tale. The story takes them away from reality and the words act as a vessel they board to take the journey into my imagination.

In my opinion, the story has to be something worth writing about. All the technical, grammatical, and mechanics of writing should come second to your story. I can say that with feedback one gets help on the mechanics of writing AND story. So seeking feedback is the way to go. Get over yourself.


  1. If I just did not get so darned attached to Tuk-tuk and Victor Javelina and all the other little fury creatures dancing on my pages! But I have seen how critique and rewrites make stories so much better. I wonder if anyone gets it right the first time?

  2. i can't get over myself!! i can share with the critique group but not family and friends. even if i ever in an illion years was published, i don't know it if i would tell them, which i know editors don't want to hear because you have to market yourself so much these days.

    how about when the story is pretty great but the writing is bland? twilight anyone?

  3. I really enjoyed the vision of you with your manuscript wrapped in swaddling clothes growling at anyone who came near!