Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Setting Importante

I just got back from a place that thrives on putting you in different magical worlds and since our fellow blogger is far away in an exotic location. I thought setting would be a fun topic to discuss

One of my main sources of inspiration comes from places or spots in a certain location. There is something so thrilling about being in a new place, familiar place, or traditional spot that we always return to that spurs my brain into idea mode.

Setting can be a tremendously powerful literary device. Our characters react and can be a product of them and as we read we become immersed in new lands, places like Oz, Victorian England, Wonderland, Space, Enchanted Castles, among many many others. I love how books can truly take us there. We can live it within our minds and our imaginations.

What is your favorite setting? Do you like gritty urban neighborhoods, western boomtowns? The list goes on and on!! SO EXCITING!

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  1. this made me think how important setting is in real life, especially when you remember an event. i think i may write a blog entry, inspired by this--the big moments in your life, you can probably remember many details about your surroundings at those times. even thinking about the 4 weddings i attended last year--each of them took place in such different settings: huge fancy resort in northern new jersey (and i experienced the horror-story setting of the days inn down the road), salvage warehouse (with fountain made out of tiered bathtubs) in chicago, museum of contemporary art in chicago, roof of trendy hotel in manhattan. it rained for three of these weddings...and two of the ceremonies were outside. The rain adds to the memory and became part of the setting.