Friday, October 23, 2015


 For the last 2 years I have worked with a literary agent in the Christian market. I have learned a ton from her about how to put together proposals and research platform data. I have networked on my end, had several pieces looked at by Christian publishers, but no sale.

This week I had a letter stating that the agency is taking a new direction, and it appears my agent is going to be busy on other projects.

The letter was not personally addressed. Essentially the message was that the industry publishes fewer book and are not taking risks. If the author does not have a big author platform "(yours included)" ...well, here's the name of their new project by someone who does.

This is quite a sad change from when the criteria was a good story and good writing, not name recognition. It is especially hard to see it in the Christian publishing world. Not sure Paul could get his Collected Letters published in this environment!

Writing is full of rejection. Luckily raising teenagers gave me skin of an elephant and 10 years in seminary taught me tenacity! Traveling to developing nations taught me to use squat toilet, but that may not quite so useful in this situation.

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