Saturday, October 24, 2015

loose ends

Not every day is perky, perky in the writing world.

I have several items out of professional critique - back in November. I have a couple of small animal creatures in my brain for the 12x12 story, but no idea what the little guys will do. I have a veritable slush pile out for consideration and the countdown to "After 8 weeks if you have not heard from us...." Every trip to the bookstore shows me another adaptation of Pete the Cat, who I love but is taking shelf space! And now the agent thinks children's books without a platform are not worth pushing. If I could draw I might be ready to self publish.

So why do I write, or continue to write?

Ah well - we all get bummer days. Then Monday some new agent will be listed on Writer's Digest and I'll rev up the hope again!

Time for a nap.

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