Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Enough is Enough

What can I say? I am a child grasping with the throes of growing up, maturing, whatever you want to call it. My ideas come from my childhood zeal for all things adventurous and fantastic. I have come up with my book ideas at random times but all in the spirit of my fervor for movies, comics, and books. There really is no one place I draw inspiration from. No place I go to. No well of original ideas I can dip my bucket brain into. I have had to create the place really. Sure there are places where the wheels start turning but the real great ideas I formed in no particular place.

I do draw inspiration from the structures of stories that I love to watch or read. What kind of a story should I tell? There are only a certain amount of stories all of which share similar plot elements. I learned that in high school. So pick a kind of story and then make it your own. Create a world then tell a structured story. Is it an adventure story? Is it a suspense/thriller? Is it all of the above? One thing I promise myself to do is try to make my story different enough to be considered original. Blazing my own trail is paramount for me to continue my writing endeavors.

With my "original" ideas I write my stories. I suppose I write stories thanking those who have written or created an awesome world that I enjoyed in my man and childhood whether in film, book, or theme park form. Lastly, I get my ideas and motivation from a need to stop living in other people's imaginations and creations. A great deal of my life is spent reading other people's words, watching other people's movies, and playing in other people's worlds. One day I decided I had had enough. I needed to create my own worlds people could live in and enjoy. So I did and I love it here. I just hope that someday more people can enjoy the world I have created with me.


  1. Someday, people will enjoy the world of the Tailors. You obviously love your characters and this shows throughout your work.

  2. I loved the world you created with the Tailors. I wonder what other worlds we could discover lurking in the bucket of your brain.

  3. I like the idea that you got tired of living in other people's worlds and decided to create your own.

  4. It is weird when you stop living in worlds other people created and start living inside your own. Kind of like when you stop living in your parents' life and start living your own? At first you're just astonished to realize that you can do it, then you gain some confidence. "Bucket brain" is an interesting concept to ponder...