Monday, February 15, 2010

Stuck in the cocoon

In my perfect writing world, I move from the creeping caterpillar of an idea, consuming green leaves of research, then cocoon briefly as I let the ideas flow from brain to keyboard, and emerge quickly as a complete and glorious butterfly, ready to soar to the editors.

Reality: lots of great ideas are stuck in the cocoon! They have been jotted, noted, filed, researched, started and…stuck. I soooo wish hours of playing BeJeweled was the answer!

And yet in my last career (counting retirement as a full time job!) I never once showed up at church on a Sunday morning without a 10 minute homily. That was 5 pages, double spaced, researched and ready to go!

So the answer for me must be deadlines. It helps to have someone or somewhere a particular piece will go. A SCBWI conference, an assignment at an online writing class or (mostly) my critique group keeps me plugging away.

On the other hand I just discovered Chuzzle….


  1. Love the photo.
    Do they have a Bejeweled support group or Bejeweled Anonymous? (LOL) That's OK we'll support you to keep writing.

  2. What is Chuzzle and how do I use it to get unstuck? Awesome pic. Yet another solid entry.

  3. The photo is beautiful. Congratulations!

    Please do share about Chuzzle. I also am uninformed.

    I agree that deadlines are the best motivation to get something on paper.

  4. Great pic and how cool that you were so involved! I think you are GREAT about plugging away, getting stuff done--you seem very productive. A Chuzzle does sound like some sort of un-sticking tool...I may try to use it a verb meaning "to get something unstuck"...

  5. I am too curious about Chuzzle. I'm glad I'm not the only one wondering about that.

    I think you're right. Writing with a deadline of some sorts is a great motivator.