Monday, February 1, 2010

Where do you get your ideas?

For years my writing was driven by need: 12 lessons of Bible stories with crafts and games or a chapter on kid’s clothing including a song about underwear. Only recently have the gates of inspiration been open to whatever wanders in. Since I wrote short picture books, the traffic is varied!

My most recent completed project came from a trip to Tucson, AZ, where I encountered and fell in love with javalinas. That little porcine is as yet undiscovered in Various Slush Piles of Hope.

Now after reading a couple of adult books on arctic exploration I am almost done tracking the adventures of a collard lemming settling in for winter on the tundra.

Past stories still ambling out and back have involved flightless dragons, misplaced dandelions, and a frog who has been stuck against one particular “not right for our list” wall for almost a decade. I believe in the right climate, with the right publisher…they will find a home.

And I continually return to the phrase above my computer: “What are you working on next?” There is always another story out there. Right now I’m thinking about a bush dance in Australia…


  1. Both your ideas and writing are so good. All of your animal friends are sure to find a publishing home someday.

    Beautiful picture! Please, please bring your Bible story books next meeting.

  2. I love how you take elements form nature and weave them into beautiful words. Especially love how you gained inspiration from the javalina story. I can truly say, because of Robin, I know what a javalina and a collared lemming is.

  3. Yes Robin you have definitely found your niche. You create stories that give people a sense of wonder about the world they live in. We discover new places beyond our primarily urban routines.

  4. I think you are going to get one story picked up and then they will want a whole series of these various likable characters in their different climates. They are such a mix of educational and these poetic lyrical descriptions. Also, I really admire your past stories coming back up and your dedication to revising!!