Friday, April 23, 2010

Fiber Optic Testing....What?

My writing project for the week is an article about fiber optic test equipment. How do I feel about it? My head hurts, to be honest. Yet, I've always found that any topic (yes, even this) can be interesting once you look into it. This one happens to be about the types of tools that allow cable operators and telecom companies to make sure all the you tube videos we watch, high-def shows we get on demand, and other types of bandwidth intensive applications we use make it to our computers, televisions and other devices intact.


So bottom line, I haven't actually added much to my YA novel this week. While this is sad in many ways, there is a silver lining: the tech work pays really well and wrestling with my manuscript seems a lot easier compared with figuring out the nuances of 100 Gigabit Ethernet transmissions. I am very ready, in fact unbelievably enthusiastic, about getting back to my characters and their dilemmas.

I mean it...WAKE UP!!!

I'm sorry that this post is so short this week, especially since my blog mates have been very thought provoking. My brain is just swimming and will be until Monday when I turn in my article. That said, I am optimistic about completing a draft of my next chapter to submit for our next critique group meeting.

(Don't worry, guys, my main character isn't going to suddenly want to repair a coherent optical transceiver or anything like that. If she does, please just red line it and pretend it never happened.)


  1. Akin to the Steaming Mounds of Curriculum I wrote! It IS writing and who knows when your character will need optic fiber capabilities! (Although Jim is more likley to pursue that....)

  2. Poor Grace, kicked to the curb for fiber optic something or the other.

    Yay! you're going to move on. Excited about what's coming next.

  3. Thanks guys. Too funny Robin although I don't foresee Jim's tailors becoming cable technicians any time soon.

  4. Oh and Monta, I think my husband does something related to your article for a living. He works in Telecom at BNSF Railway. I think he may be able to even read and understand your article. I guess it's a shame that I don't understand what he really does. I he think maintains some sort of cables and microwave sites, whatever that is.

  5. In the passage above I meant "think he maintains." Sorry, hehe.

  6. I expect you to work in little facts about fiber optic testing into casual conversation with us. When I was immersed in my master's thesis/research project, believe me, I could bring ANY conversation around to the topic of school violence just so I could talk about it. That was about a year and a half of immersion though, so maybe you won't be quite so affected, no matter how interesting ou find it.