Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Production of a First Draft

-Have idea.

- Scratch notes on anything I find.

-Write scenes.

-Keep writing scenes.

- Stitch scenes together.

- Okay, I can use that.

-Can't use that.

I can't believe I wrote ten pages that I can't use. Don't use double negative when talking to oneself.

-Need to revise.

-Still revising.

- Still revising.

Why am I still revising it's only thirteen pages. Robin and Monta would be so proud.

-Leave it alone.

-I said leave it alone.

-Turn it in.

Ask group for forgivenes that it is late again. Deadlines are such motivators.


  1. Pithy - and on time! heheheheh

  2. This rocks! I especially like the disbelief of having written X number of pages you then decide to cut!

  3. I love it and I can see you thinking these thoughts when you are up all hours of the night.

  4. I like the mumbling to yourself about not using double negatives when talking to yourself.