Thursday, April 22, 2010

which current project???

Wow! It has been so interesting to read my blogmates’ entries this week! All the frustration. I am afraid that is probably my overriding emotion as well.

How do I feel about my “current project?” My current project is trying to get the twins to the end of this pregnancy while caring for my four-year-old and living in absolute chaos since we just moved to a new house. I have been uncomfortable, exhausted, worried about 8 million things, and generally losing my mind every minute. “Oh, you’re on bedrest? What a perfect time to revise.” Except bedrest is an illusion when you have an older child. And when you were showing your house for buyers and renters 3-8 times a week and then when you were running around trying to find a new house that could close asap and then getting your child’s records transferred and registering him and trying to get him set up at his new preschool. And the time spent driving much further to get to all your doctor appointments (3 next monday alone) that are back near where you used to live but who is going to switch 32 weeks into it?

When I do have resting time, it is very difficult to have even 5 minutes uninterrupted to work on anything, with the following people in and out: the painter, the carpet installers, the hardwood installers, the radon guys, the mold guys, the direct tv guy, etc. on every level of the house. My son and the dog still need to be cared for (we don’t have any kind of nanny and husband still needs to go to work some days). And I would feel guilty using the computer to write for any length of time when i still haven’t ordered many things we need for these rapidly approaching babies or things for the new house. I can’t really read about the craft of writing or read books in my genres or for “fun” when I feel I need to read books about taking care of babies, getting twins on a sleep schedule, feeding them, or parenting preschoolers.

As far as actually writing, mixed emotions. The Write 6 keep me sane--reading the manuscripts they are working on and their emails and blogposts. But I do feel a sense of missing the meetings, not being able to attend the workshops/retreats they are planning, that they are all making much progress on their works and I am just stalled. The most I can do right now is maybe jot down any new ideas that come to me and explore those at a later date...and of course, make the effort to keep posting here on my day of the week!


  1. We all support your "current project" and know there is plenty of writing to come.

  2. Yes, I agree with Robin.

    Sometimes that pesky thing called "life" interferes with what we want to do. But when you're ready, we'll be here to read and critique your work like you've done for us all this time.

  3. Your current project is the most important you will ever work on:-) Plus, they will give you lots of material.

    Check out Gary Ezzo's book Babywise. We followed his advice and my boys were sleeping through the night at about 9 weeks. He talks about twins too.

  4. Oh, I feel you. I love how doctors want you to go on bedrest, but fail to tell you HOW to go on bedrest with your life swirling around you.

    Good luck with those babies!