Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Come one Come all

Hmmm....I picture my readers as kids from 8 to 92 and above 92 not to exclude the life marathoners. (That's right I said marathoners) I picture that age range being able to follow the slam bang action and wonderment I hope to provide the world with my writing. Nestled around a bright Christmas tree wrapped up in a blanket immersed in the world I have created, is where I picture my reader.

Of course it would be an absolute joy to watch someone read my stories to see if they have an intense look, a crumpled forehead, or wide eyes. I just want to evoke emotion and provide the brain with scintillating prose. My hope is that when the readers have finished one of my books that they feel that there time was well spent. I hope that they would want more.

In conclusion, I don't write books just for kids, I write books for the kid in all of us. So the more the merrier.


  1. Jim - I know exctly what you are looking up at in the picture. Check the blue bulb!

  2. Jim--my son was looking at my screen when i was reading your post and he yelled "that's the craziest picture i've ever seen!" He loved it. Hence, i am pretty sure that is a pic you should use on your book jackets. I like how excited you are imagining your audience.

  3. Awesome! Trager It is a crazy pic. Your son is quite observant and humorous. Robin I am looking at a bulb. No my sister just likes to take ridiculous pics of me!

  4. Although I love the pic, I think that you should wear a Santa suit in the picture on your book jacket, or at the least, an elves costume.