Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Writer's Fantasy: Please Come True

Even though most writers would like their stories to be enjoyed by almost anyone who picks them up (that of course is a fantasy us writers like to conjure up), for the most part, we do have an imagined reader in mind. I've always been taught that a writer must always know their audience. And with that bit of knowledge, I hope that I produce books that my audiences will fall in love with.

When I write about boogers and boys having adventures at camp, I image my books being passed under the table in school, or a group of kids huddled in the corner of the library laughing their butts off at a particular line or passage that has totally cracked them up. The disapproving teacher Mr. Micheals or Librarian Robin (who both happen to be successful writers),walks up to them and tells them "shhh", because they are giggling loudly and uncontrollably, and are disturbing the class or the quiet atmosphere of the library. If they are in a classroom, the teacher Mr. Micheals may have to confiscate the book to regain order (He will only return it several days later, once he has read it, and has rushed out to the bookstore to purchase his own copy). If the naughty readers are in the library, after her third warning, Librarian Robin may ask them to leave. Of course they are welcome to check out the book, but please don't fight over it. The dispute is settled as all matters of importance are handled between the group of friends; a game of rock paper scissors.

The winner will turn the book in late because he couldn't quite part with it just yet (He will pay the fines of course). Librarian Robin looks at him disapproving, because the pages are crumpled since he slept with the book, and some of them are stuck together by a mysterious looking goo that happens to look a lot like boogers to her. He would smile sheepishly and ask her when does the newest book by Urania Smith come out. Librarian Robin informs him that she, Urania Smith, also writes fantasy for older people and has a new book out now, but her newest middle grade novel won't be out until next month. She also tells him that there is already a waiting list for that particular title. He is disappointed because he doesn't think he can wait that long, but agrees to sign his name to the waiting list anyway. While signing, he notices several familar names already on the list. The friends he beat to get the book he'd just returned! He wishes he could scratch their names off the list, but that nosy librarian is watching him like a hawk.

While leaving the library he sees two teenage girls laying down on the grass in front of the library reading. Their shoes are off their feet and they are totally engrossed in their books. He's curious about what has them so distracted and draws near enough to get a better look at the titles on the books. He freezes, shocked. He notices the name of his favorite author, Urania Smith, written in fancy letters below the titles. He moves along, but remains in awe at how she can write books for an ordinary kid like him and for silly teenage girls too. Then he remembers something the librarian had said when he'd checked out the book about a month ago: "Urania Smith is one of the most talented children's authors out there today."

He feels a tingle creep up his spine. Man, he can hardly wait to get his hands on her new book.


  1. great entry! this was truly an imagined audience. very entertaining. i also a picture a Camp Goon picture on the wall somewhere.

  2. Are you kidding? Your book will be required reading in my class. haha. Awesome entry.

  3. Totally good for reading out loud - at camp, in the dark...

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  5. Terrific entry, Urania! I love it! you actually have to remove mysterious goo that looks like boogers from returned books?

  6. Always ask yourself: HWLRTB?