Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just Do It

When I realized not to listen to what people thought I was capable of, is when I started writing. It was all up to me to decide what I could do. No longer did I want to listen to the negative voice in my head. Why couldn't I write? I didn't have an answer so, I just started writing.

I noticed a similarity in the people closest to me who have been successful in getting what they want. Boldness and tenacity. They don't seem to ask themselves if they can do something, they just do it. I guess that's the quote I should live by. Apparently Nike knows best. "Just Do It."

My closest friend, Liz has influenced me to not question myself. She has a houseful of kids, caring for two parents and still finds time to explore career options. She's opened an imports store which is now closed, but that doesn't matter, because she tried it. She's opened a dance studio, been a cheer coordinator and a pageant organizer. She'll never look back and say what if. I'm sure she never asks herself if she could do it, she just does. Sitting on the sidelines is not an option. We need to be bold to really be something.

My mother is another example of boldness and tenacity. In her failing health, she never questions how sick she is, she just assumes she'll get better. She just won't quit. She lets everyone know that she's still in control. If this is the way we live our lives, things will happen.

So we need to make it known what we want and just do it. I'll question my writing, but I'm not going to question whether I should be writing. Hopefully someday I will be published, but for now I'm satisfied to just write.


  1. I agree that what seperates people who make it from the ones who don't is that the one who make it aren't afraid of failure so they aren't afraid to try.

  2. I like your entry and about learning from people who just think they can do something then go ahead and do it, like little kids do but somewhere along the way we worry about what's practical and logical. I find inspiration in my musician/artist friends. Even when people say things like "you should be a writer," we still think "what makes me think I should try it?"

  3. Thanks so much for reminding us in such a beautiful way that we can't succeed if we are too afraid to try.

  4. Boldness and Tenacity. Got it. Thanks for the advice.