Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Writers in Therapy

First of all I am honored to be in the Write 6 critique group. Every time I write something and submit it, I feel grateful that everyone takes the time to carefully read my material. At first, submitting my work made me nervous. After putting so much time into my manuscript, would they hate it? Am I kidding myself? I'm not a writer. But then everyone made me feel so at ease, and I realized we are all in the same boat. Drifting on the sea of uncertainty. (Sorry, I got carried away.)

What's more frightening is having friends and family read my work in progress. They have no idea how hard writing is. I really want to share but, I feel like they may have higher expectations. I don't want to let them down, and they see how much time I've put into this. As my son says "Mom, aren't you finished yet? What's taking you so long?" At least my fellow writers know exactly how I feel and there's comfort in that.

It's also fun to get their emails of new material to read; like a present waiting to be opened. I've learned a lot about my work in reading theirs. I've learned to think like an editor when revising my own material.

One of the most important reasons to be in a critique group for me is having a deadline to keep going. If I don't have a goal to work towards, the weeks drag on without writing. Being involved in the critique group, at least I know I've written something. Putting anything on paper is important; I know many revisions are forthcoming, but it's a start.

The Write 6 is like a writers therapy group. A couple hours a month I can get together with people who are honest and supportive, and I always leave feeling energized. How much are Therapists? Maybe we should start charging; we could start a whole new career in service to all of those lost writers out there. Franchise anyone?


  1. I probably can't afford us! We are way more helpful and fun than therapy! Great to be CHARTING UNKNOWN WATERS with you!

  2. yes! it is totally harder to share with family and friends. i almost never do. that is good you leave feeling energized--sometimes i confess i feel overwhelmed because i want to incorporate everyone's suggestions and i know i need to really scrounge up motivation to revise. so i often just write something new.

  3. I am in for the franchise! Yes I agree the Write 6 is a writer's oasis, our meetings give us a chance to feel at ease. Great entry.

  4. Funny post Ellen. I don't think I've been this dedicated to writing since our group started. You are absolutely right when you say it helps to know that you are not a total loser and what you're going through with your own book is a journey that all writers take.

  5. Yes. The group keeps us all going. It's so nice to share with others who have the same interest and same goal.