Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Elves not Elvis

The characters images in my head are all over the place. I honestly am not sure what they look like. I know the people who I have based characters on and can imagine them in some elven form. So that is cool but then sometimes they tend to look like Vulcans. Anyway, I have done sketches of my characters and I waver between the cartoonish and the realistic.
My characters greatest appeal is their size. I wish I could shrink down to their size and experience the world from their perspective. The best thing about it is scale. So I have to put myself in their shoes of course. I suppose I can feel what my characters are feeling better than picturing. I can feel the whoosh of their movements and the gravity that pulls them from place to place.

One can derive that my characters should look accessible, enchanting, familiar, and well... downright cute. I do plan on selling action figures and plush toys so they have to be. I know for sure though that one of my fellow Write 6ers has definitely cornered the market on the cuteness of our characters. Nothing like a little competition to keep the creative juices flowing.

If empires can be made with three circles on a piece of paper then the sky is the limit with the look of characters and how they can affect the child within all of us. The power of illustration is indeed a mighty one.


  1. I agree with Robin. You truly live in your own little world.

  2. cool sketch! i did not know that your elves were based on people, interesting. i think readers definitely will form images of your characters based on descriptions like capt. holly being a cop from the south side of the north pole, or however you put it, and officer kringle and his candy!

  3. I agree with Trager. Great sketch and cool that you've based the elves on real people.