Friday, March 12, 2010

Twilight (Pirate) Moms

Please forgive me for my post not being as well-thought out as some of my fellow bloggers or written anywhere near as eloquently. I'm in Florida balancing two small kids and an agenda of Disney World, Sea Aquarium, Indian villages, and sand castle building.

There is a category of young adult fiction these days that appeals strongly not only to teenagers, but also to adults. Harry Potter and Twilight, of course, both made the crossover in a huge way, but I know a number of women who pick their reading material predominantly from the young adult shelves. And, it’s not because they are researching whether or not a book is appropriate for their children.

Most of their choices do seem to have a supernatural theme. (Shiver, Fallen, Hush Hush are favorites.) In other words, they are not picking the typical high school, Jill cheerleader books. But, what they do seem to like, aside from the fantasy, is the Romeo/Juliet aspect, good triumphing over evil. Age-old story lines with new twists. Good old-fashioned escapism with a great plot.

I guess my ultimate dream is to write a novel that is picked up by both teenager and mom. (Yes. I am writing for a female audience. Sorry, J.B.) That said, I also would like it to be something I wouldn’t mind my teenage girl (if I had one) reading. I'm not aiming to be edgy, just to wrap people up in a fantastic tale. Make them fall in love with my characters. Is it too much to ask that production start on Team Johnny and Team Gavin shirts?

And, if that's too tall an order, at least my own mom will read it and like it. (Or at least tell me she does.)

Perhaps I should go continue trying to make it out of my first chapter.


  1. Sunscreen.

    I remember right after both her childnre were born my daughter only wanted to read off the Teen Shelf - the plots moved quickly and the characters were better developed than the Vast Adult Selections that had to commit so many pages to violence and/or sex in order to sell.

  2. I think I will be on Team Johnny all the way. What girl wouldn't love a boy who carries a handkercheif?

  3. harumph, urania. in just one chapter, i am for gavin! i think robin has a good point about YA having more character development. for me the better adult books have been nonfiction.

  4. I feel left out now. I am really not sure what to do. Oh man. You know what boys will like the pirate angle!!

  5. You guys are too funny! JB...Maybe we could get you a special t-shirt that says Team Hot Pirate Chick.